Our Vehicle Types

We have a fleet of differently sized vehicles ranging from small vans to articulated trucks to be able to move a delivery load no matter the size of it  . We offer a vehicle range from SW, SWB ,LWB ,XLWB, Luton , 7.5 Tonne , 10 ton , 18 tonne and Arctics 

Please see the below diagram for more detailed sizes and specifications 

Max Load 400kg

Height 1.0m

Length 1.5m

Width 1.2

Carries 1 standard pallet

Max Load 900kg

Height 1.3m

Length 2.4m

Width 1.6

Carries 2 standard pallet

Max Load 1250kg

Height 1.75m

Length 3.2m

Width 1.3

Carries 3 standard pallet

Small Van (SV)



Short Wheel Base (SWB)


Long Wheel Base (LWB)

Max Load 1200kg

Height 1.8m

Length 4.2m

Width 1.7

Carries 4 standard pallet


Extra Long Wheel Base (XLWB)

Max Load 1200kg

Height 2.0m

Length 4.0m

Width 2.0

Carries 6 standard pallet

Luton Van 


7.5 Tonne Truck

Max Load 2800kg

Height 2.2m

Length 6.0m

Width 2.4m

Carries 10 standard pallet


18 Tonne Truck

Max Load 9000kg

Height 2.2m

Length 7.0m

Width 2.4m

Carries 14 standard pallet


Max Load 24 000kg

Height 2.7m

Length 13.5m

Width 2.4m

Carries 26 standard pallet